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We would welcome all feedback on the services provided by Ellis, Sloane & Co. If you would like to send us a testimonial that we can make available on our wbsite, please email your comments to

"We have been pleased to have been involved with Ellis Sloane & Co for their planned maintenance works over many years and the professional way their contracts are handled from start to finish."
Chris. R
Southern Business Development Manager
MITIE Property Services (UK) Limited

"As a firm of professional decorators working with various property companies – Ellis Sloane stands out from the others in terms of communication during contracts and working out day to day issues – they are always accessible, polite and very important - extremely good with regard to Invoice settlement."
Roger. G

"Our Company has worked for Ellis Sloane for over 10 years and consider them to be one of our best clients, we have a very good working relationship which is built on trust, honesty and mutual respect. In our opinion they are a very professional company and we hope to continue working together for many years to come."
Mark. S
General Manager
Ian Williams Ltd

"Hardyman have delivered painting, decorating and refurbishment works throughout the Midlands region for Ellis, Sloane & Co. Over this time we have enjoyed a strong working relationship, they are a pleasure to work for."
Hardyman Group
West Midlands

"We are a decorating & property maintenance company, who have enjoyed a strong working relationship with Ellis Sloane & co. We find them to be extremely professional, knowledgeable and completely reliable. The good rapport that we have built up with them ensures that the projects run smoothly and efficiently. We hope our good relationship continues for years to come."
Terry. C
Advanced Decorators & Builders

"We have completed a number of contracts for Ellis, Sloane. On each occasion we have been furnished with clear instruction and narrative in addition to professional and courteous support from the whole team - all of which has enabled us to complete the tasks without the usual stress involved in large contract works."
Malc. J
Yellow Box Contracting

"I think the work has been carried out very professionally and with the least interruption possible. The workers were pleasant and co-operative and the scaffold fitters and removers very quick and efficient."
Louis. G
Block of 26, Salisbury

"I wish to express thanks, from all here, for the manner and high standard with which the works at V******* Road were undertaken. The contractors along with the others involved in the works displayed courtesy at all times and were respectful of residents concerns. The work has been completed to a high standard, in good time and the property has been left very clean and tidy."
Peter. R
Block of 4, Exmouth

"Following the completion of the works carried out by the contractors. I am very happy with the quality of the work and the cost. The whole process was very efficient and well followed through."
Thea. B
Block of 4, Middlesex

"Ellis, Sloane did a good job on the refurbishment of the property."
Andy. O
Block of 4, Croydon

"C******* Court looks really smart now that the refurbishment has been done."
A leaseholder
Block of 95, Brighton

"Following a meeting, the residents were very complementary about the excellent work done on their internals and how fresh it all looks now."
Block of 22, Hove

"Ellis, Sloane and the surveyor did an excellent upfront job with regards to the planned schedule of works and achieved agreement from all sides. With respect to decisions taken on the project I would add that at the start of the process I felt my concerns were being taken seriously and every effort was made to discuss issues rationally as equals. I would like to thank all involved at Ellis, Sloane for assisting the leaseholders in the organisation and management of the works undertaken. I realise that most often the leaseholders only contact you to complain, and the vast majority of work you do goes un-discussed and unappreciated. Thank you for your patience with what must be, at least at times, a frustrating experience."
Steve. C
Block of 5, London

"The completed works are absolutely excellent. The roof details and changes to the guttering will ensure that the flat is protected from further water ingress. The contractor sourced old coping stones to suit the age of the property, and the render is magnificent. I believe the appropriate external paints were applied. We are delighted with the quality of the work, and I also understand that the contractor cleaned up everywhere and went the extra mile by cleaning the windows inside and out."
Susie. P
Block of 4, Exmouth

"Ellis, Sloane for the refurbishment, kept us informed every step of the way. You are brilliant in comparison to other agents and come top of my list any day."
Roy. A
Block of 92, Birmingham

"I am happy with the completed works. The communication from Ellis, Sloane has been very good and kept us informed of what is happening."
Louise. B
Block of 4, Barnstable