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Choosing the best contractor

In respect of the tendering process when approaching contractors we do so using a number of factors including proximity, variable size of the company, area of expertise.


We try and approach a mix of contractors, firms we are familiar with and those that we are not and of varying sizes. All contractors will need to join our list of approved contractors and are asked to tender on the same basis and upon the same specification, preliminaries and preamble. The same terms and conditions apply to all contractors.

Criteria of choosing the contractors from the approved contractor list to be asked to tender:

When choosing contractors to approach for a tender we use various criteria:-

  • When we write to leaseholders and enclose the schedule of works, we ask them if they know of any local contractors whom they would like us to approach for a tender.
  • We invite contractors who are in the local area and who have completed works for us in the past, to tender, in the knowledge that their previous works have been to a good standard and suitably priced.
  • We will also invite local contractors who are not known to us to provide a tender. The reason we do this is so that we can achieve the best possible prices on a closed tender basis. 
  • We tend to approach a variety of contractors in an effort to explore different avenues, i.e. as well as approaching large companies that have offices throughout the country we will also approach smaller contractors, provided that they are equipped to perform the works.
  • The reason for this is that some larger companies can often provide lower costs because they have a substantial manpower and can very often command better buying power from suppliers, while smaller contractors have fewer overheads, and are usually more local. 

    Any new contractor will need to join our list of approved contractors before starting work.
  • As part of the legislative process pertaining to Section 20 of the Landlord and Tenant Act, we are legally obliged to obtain tenders from a number of contractors. Furthermore we are obliged to give contractors nominated by a leaseholder an opportunity to tender. We are then obliged to comply with the constraints of the current legislation and enter into full and formal consultation with leaseholders.

If you are a contractor and are interested in being on our approved contractor list, you can find out more here or email or call our administrator on 01722 439840.